Diabetic Socks That Actually Work


Should I use Fabric Softeners on my Diabetic Socks?

No!  We made our Diabetic socks with soft yarns on the inside.  Also, our drymax sock fibers enhanced with Cupron® Copper technology need to be free of softeners to work properly.

Will my feet still sweat wearing drymax fiber socks?

Yes, as drymax fibers are not an antiperspirant.  It’s normal after exercising to take off your shoes/socks and see sweat appearing on the skin.  Feet continue to sweat until they cool down.

Do socks with drymax fibers eliminate all blisters?

Socks are not the only cause of blisters.  No sock can prevent all blisters.  Blisters caused by socks normally develop because they do not fit, have an irritating seam or become wet.

Will the Cupron copper technology set off TSA airport metal detectors?

No, the active ingredient is copper oxide and not metallic copper.

Will washing my feet daily and wearing AVAL Diabetic socks with Cupron Copper eliminate all foot/shoe/sock odors?

If you are wearing new/clean shoes the answer is likely yes.  However, shoes that have been worn for a while often emit odors because of an accumulation of sweat, dead skin cells, body oils and dirt all of which help odor-causing bacteria thrive.  This residual buildup inside older shoes will cause odors to come forth every time the shoes are worn.

Not all shoes, but many athletic and other shoes can be washed inside and out in cold water, using a mild soap and scrub brush.  Cleaning shoes will help wash away residues and odors.  When used on a regular basis, UV shoe sanitizers made especially for shoes have been known to work well too.

Why two colors of copper inside the ACTIVE Diabetic sock?

The copper-colored foot has drymax fibers and in the leg, are Polyester fibers.  There is a 3rd copper color/fiber which is harder to detect.  For the toe seam and leg tiedown yarns we use Cupron Copper Nylon fibers.

Can I use lubricants/powders on my feet while wearing drymax socks?

We recommend you do not use these with our ACTIVE Diabetic socks as they lessen the ability of the drymax fiber technology to keep your feet dry.  To remove lubricants or powders simply launder socks.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are told you need to use a skin lubricant to protect your feet, we will soon have Maximum Protection ACTIVE and CASUAL Diabetic socks with PTFE Fibers.

These socks will have a greatly enhanced foot protection system incorporating PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) fibers in the entire foot of the sock.  PTFE has the lowest Coefficient of Friction of any fiber, making it the best at keeping friction low between the skin and sock.  Lower friction allows our Max Pro socks to stay cooler and drier, helping reduce the chance of hot spots, chafing, blisters, skin tears or ulcers.

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